Portfolio Companies

3×3 Insights is building the first data intelligence platform focused solely on the independent liquor retailers to provide the beverage alcohol industry with deep insights into consumer behavior, product dynamics and customer engagement.

AllTheRooms is a booking site for literally all-the-rooms, from a hammock to a castle. As the largest accommodation search engine, aggregating listings from sites like Expedia, Airbnb, Jetsetter and more, AllTheRooms lists 17 million rooms worldwide, 16 million more than TriVaGo.

Despite the $35 chicken salad sandwiches, hotels lose money on room service. Room service demand is anything but predictable, requiring 24/7 staffing with generally low civilization. Butler greatly improves efficiency by aggregating demand, servicing guests with delivered meals from centralized kitchens, and paying the hotels a percentage of the revenues.

Dashride is the leading provider of mobile-first dispatching software for transportation companies – a full suite of cloud-based software that automates everything from booking to billing.

Fetch is a CPG loyalty points program based on a universal receipt reading technology. For our Partners – over 400 brands from manufacturers that include Kraft Heinz, Unilever, Kimberly-Clark, Campbell’s and more – we identify and give them access to their customers... and the customers of competitors.

The smart B2B payment network. The Finexio network eliminates commercial paper check spend by identifying and routing payments through a unique “network of closed loop networks.” Payments on the Finexio rails are seamlessly pushed into a supplier’s bank accounts at fees substantially lower than prevailing commercial payment costs.

Mercato is the e-commerce and technology solutions platform powering independent grocery purveyors (i.e. the local butcher shop) of artisanal foods, an addressable market of 24,000 stores.


OpenMessage introduces the world’s first self-serve Mobile Message Design platform. Built for professional creators to design, launch and manage their own custom conversations from a web-application, replacing passive and clunky apps. Connecting brands and audiences 1-to-1 in real-time, we make mobile messaging meaningful.

Empowering customers to grow their businesses by enabling them to pay and get paid as easily globally as they do locally. By connecting countries, currencies, businesses and professionals, Payoneer can help customers succeed in more ways and more places than ever before.

Penrose Hill is a 21st century wine club, crafting wines based on member preferences. By buying high quality remnant wine in bulk, self-bottling and leveraging a scientific approach to the creation of the all-important label, Penrose earned over 400 medals for its wine.

By 2020, more than 5 billion people will have a mobile wallet on their smartphone. Popwallet enables brands to create content and distribute it to customers in an inventory slot that is currently only used for boarding passes and credit cards. Once brands have engaged with customers, Popwallet helps brands speak to them with notifications, personalized updates and coupons, only to measure and attribute usage.

SingleComm is an all-media-in-one (from voice to chat to email) SaaS-based call center technology platform. Utilizing the latest development tools, our technology dynamically creates intuitive scripting solutions to enhance inbound and outbound consumer conversations. SingleComm’s unique platform offers multi-channel customer service and sales across the channels customers want, while empowering agents with all the data they need.

SiO transformed a proven medical technology – surgical silicon – prescribed by surgeons and hospitals for over 30 years into a consumer-priced beauty project to make aging, wrinkled, dehydrated skin look better, smoother and younger.

A consumer-facing financial empowerment platform that provides consumers, creditors, and businesses seeking an on-demand workforce with a data-driven solution, powered by sophisticated analytics and machine learning. Steady enables consumers to take control of their financial health with supplemental or full-time on-demand workforce opportunities that enable debt service and increased current income.

SummitSync is an intelligence platform that identifies which trade shows and industry conferences your prospects are attending, maximizing their marketing budget drive the highest return on in person client meetings. Automatically connecting in person meeting activity to CRM and Marketing Automation.

Sweet Defeat

Sweet Defeat is the science-backed lozenge that stops sugar cravings before they start. The patented formulation is clinically proven. Customers sign up for a continuity-based delivery program to make sure they never miss a dose.

Thnks is a business-focused gifting application for sending relevant, thoughtful, instant gifts that strengthen relationships. Thnks simplifies corporate gifting while allowing organizations to track and monitor compliance adherence.

ScriptRelief has provided free prescription discounts to over 12 million Americans and has saved its cardholders over $2 billion to date.

Fund, Incubator, and Accelerator Investments

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