Michael Loeb

Michael Loeb, a serial entrepreneur, is currently the President and CEO of both Loeb Enterprises and Loeb NYC. He knows success, past and present.

Prior to both Loeb Enterprises and Loeb NYC, Michael was the President and CEO of the Synapse Group, Inc. (now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Time Inc.) Michael co-founded the company in 1992 with Priceline founder, Jay Walker. Under Michael Loeb’s leadership and direction, Synapse grew to become the largest seller of consumer and trade magazine subscriptions worldwide, revolutionizing the industry. Michael also assisted Jay Walker in the creation and early funding of Priceline.com.

Loeb NYC, Michael Loeb’s privately funded venture lab leverages his expertise and vision to build prosperous companies from the ground up. World-class analytics, design, marketing, and tech-development pave the way to rapid growth and significant scale.

Michael Loeb resides in New York with his family.