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Michael Loeb and Loeb NYC Take Cannes

Leigh Adler

This has been a year of many “firsts” for Loeb NYC. We hosted our first activation at SXSW, our first #BlockOrNot Experience in Southampton, and for the first time, Michael Loeb, Katie Loeb and Bonin Bough are attending Cannes Lions to represent Loeb NYC. Michael Loeb is speaking at a Brand Innovators event on Monday, June 18 (details below) and will be sharing ideas with the world’s best advertisers, innovators, and thinkers in the glamorous setting of the French Riviera.

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cannes, people walking and luxury cars in front of hotel intercontinental carlton
Cannes Carlton Hotel

What Happens in Cannes (Doesn’t Stay in Cannes)

June 18 – 22nd, 2018 marks the 65th Cannes Lions “International Festival of Creativity”. To win a prestigious Lion award is a feat coveted by elite agencies and the major players in “creative and marketing communications, entertainment, tech and design industries” the world over. To take home a Lion is a sign of greatness that resonates and creates ripples through various ad/tech echelons.

loeb nyc quote to take home a cannes lion is a sign of greatness

To give you an idea of the scope and grandeur of Cannes Lions, consider the numbers. This year, 16,000 attendees (28% of them members of the C-suite) from over 4,700 companies will converge on the pristine city to network, demonstrate their creative advancements and, essentially, show off their talents. The festival attracted 40,000+ entries in categories such as “health”, “reach”, “experience”, “craft” and importantly, “good” – as well as many others.

Legacy Cannes Lions participants admit that the event is not without its criticisms and issues (Too much peacocking! Too expensive!). However, despite facing critique, skepticism and philosophical questioning as to value and ROI, the festival has still seen an 22% increase in work submitted by in-house marketing teams over last year. Cannes still has the potential to elevate brands and generate powerful introductions.

Why is Loeb NYC Going to Cannes?

Many of the reasons why Loeb NYC decided to attend Cannes this year are elucidated in an insightful article by SummitSync (a Loeb NYC portfolio company), “Changing Tides: The Rise of Brands at Cannes.” As an aside, SummitSync’s razor-sharp platform “enables your team to shake more of the right hands to hit your meeting goals”. In other words, to get the most out of events and maximize lead generation.

Katie Loeb explains the benefits of participating in Cannes festival like this; “Cannes offers a style and propensity for deal flow in a way that other conferences are not able to. For us, it beautifully balances the business with the fun. We’re so excited about some of the connections we made and how they will affect our portfolio in the future.”

Loeb NYC is making moves this year and has planted its flag. Michael Loeb and Rich Vogel embarked on a decades-long, proverbial journey of one thousand miles, to conceive of and execute a company factory that grows businesses from idea, to seed, to growth-hacked company to market and potential exit. Loeb explains, “Our model – a self-funded Company Factory is unique. It’s what my partner, Rich Vogel, and I envisioned a decade ago when we concluded that for us Synapse was not the last chapter but the opportunity for a bold new one. What was then a germ of an idea is now burgeoning into full flower.”


Loeb NYC and Michael Loeb at Cannes Lions
Bonin Bough, Brand Innovator co-founder – Marc Sternberg and Michael Loeb


Our full-flower, unique, marketing and startup engine is ready for the big leagues. Not only that – we have some inspiration and inventive ideas of our own to demonstrate to the world. Does this sound like hype? You don’t have to take us at our word. Witness the Loeb effect in person.

Michael Loeb’s Speaking Engagements at Cannes

There is still time to register for the Brand Innovators event (Monday, June 18th), where Michael Loeb will be speaking. Details on the event can be found here.

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SummitSync has compiled a useful list of parties and events at Cannes Lions to get the most out of your time there (or to find out about what you might be missing).

If you are not going to be anywhere near France this weekend but would still like to hear a sample of what you can expect, watch this video of Michael Loeb and Bonin Bough at SXSW.

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